Thursday, August 8, 2013

Jewelmint Summer Mystery Box (8 piece box)

Jewelmint is not your typical subscription website. When you sign up you complete a beauty profile and based on the profile, every month you will have a "showroom" with different jewelry pieces. You can select two pieces each month for $29.99. If you do not like any of the pieces in any given month, you can skip the month, but you have to skip between the 1st and the 5th of the month or else you will be charged. If you are interesed in joining click here.

Every so often Jewelmint releases a mystery box where you are guranteed a certain number of pieces and a certain value. This time they release the Summer Mystery box. There were three options, a 3 piece box for $29.99, a 5 piece box for $39.99 and an 8 piece box for $49.99. I purchased the 8 piece box.

The first two pieces were the Chocolate Link necklace and bracelet. I like this set as it is very nice and you could use it for everyday wear. I have to figure out how to make the bracelet smaller as it does fit big on my wrist. Each piece costs $29.99.

Next I receieved three necklace. The first one is the Rahpsody Rope Necklace. This is a piece that I would not normally pick out for myself. I will have to figure out what to wear this with, so any suggestions you guys may have are more than welcome. This piece cost $29.99.
The next neckalce is the Chain of Honor necklace. This piece was on sale on their site for $19.99 so that is the price I will be using. This is another piece I would not normally pick out for myself. It is quite interesting and different. I will also need to figure out what to wear this with.
The last necklace is Lavender Slate necklace. This is one of my favorite pieces that I received and this also was on sale on their site for $19.99. I will definitely be wearing this piece.

The last three pieces were:
The Mural Bangle which is my favorite piece of the entire mystery box. This cost $29.99. I have already worn this piece quite a few times and I think this will definitely be a staple piece in my wardrobe.

The Blue Angel earrings. These earrings were on sale for $19.99. These are very pretty. I normally stick to smaller earrings, but I will definitely give these a try.

The las item is a set of 10 bangles. I was not able to find these on their site, so I will assume they cost $19.99. These bangles are not necessarily the best quality, but they will go well for a very casual every day type of look
In total this box is worth $199.92 and I only paid $49.99, so the box is definitely worth what I paid. I’m very happy with this box and I will definitely be getting more mystery boxes in the future. Did you guys order a Jewelmint Mystery Box? What pieces did you receive?

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